Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Save family, save nation, vote for Sudhir Kumar

April 20, 2009 was a big day for Save Indian Family movement. One more milestone has been achieved on this very day. Sudhir Kumar Anand, the SIFF commando, has taken the movement of saving indian families against legal terrorism a big step forward . His nomination for Lok Sabha election from New Delhi constituency, through Bharat Punarnirman Dal (BPD), the party formed by IIT/IIM pass outs, was accepted by Election Commission on this day.

Vote for Family


Blogger Swarup said...

This is to ensure the defete of Congress Canditate in New Delhi seat and give a clear Strong message that anti-husband, anti-men, anti-family and anti-child law and policy will not be accepted in this country by any political party and congress must be defeted for their all dirty game of divide the people in the name of caste, religion and Sex and misue the Indian constituions that every one is euall infornt of LAW irrespective of thier sex, caste or religion.
So , dear all Indian Husbands and their Family Members, Vote for Sudhir Kumar in New Delhi Seat and ensure the defete the congress.

As per Indian Crime Bure report, today more than 56000 Indian Husbands ending their life every year ( as per Crime Bure Report) due to congress anti-husbands, anti-family and anti-child biased and lopsided LAW like 498A/Domestic Violence act/CRPC125/Adultrity LAW/ 4 different maintance laws. The whole Husbands family had been converted as Free ATM machine and they had been treated worse than an animal in this country due all congress biased and lopsided law and policy.

Inspite of Supreme Court termed the Misuse of 498A as “Unlash Legal Terrorism” and Domestic Violence act as “most clumsy drafted LAW”, Congress government had not taken any corrective action and the whole husband’s family is suffering today.

And for Indian men, it does not matter, irrespective the allegation is true or false, not only you, your mother, sister, age old father will be thrown out of your own house under DV act, just one line complain by your wife.

On the other hand you have option also, vote for congress and ensure more and more suffering, as not only congress all other political party will consider increasing the suffering of Husbands and their family members termed in this country as Social service and Indian Husbands and their family members can’t ensure their defeat or reduce their vote share, so make more and more anti-husband, anti-family, anti-child and anti-men biased and lopsided law in this country.

Choice is with you, do remember even a small child also do not get the milk if he/she do not cry for that that.

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Anonymous V.VIJAYAMOHAN said...

I am surprised to find that you are carrying on such a good crusade against misuse of dowry harassment laws. The steep increase in Old age homes all across the country is due to the hesitancy of many senior citizens to live with their daughters in law - many of whom just don't care for the elderly in-laws. Many of today's Daughters in law are as moral or as immoral as Males, as promiscuous as Males and as criminal minded as Males. Can the country afford wholly one sided laws such as dowry harassment law, in the face of such daughters-in-law of today? Not all are like that. I do agree. But, their number is increasing dangerously.Latest, one judge couple has also been issued with arrest warrant as we find from the internet. One reason why theri number is increasing is this DOWRY HARASSMENT LAW and the undue protection it gives them on the one side, and UNDUE harassment it can give to ALL IN LAWS on the other. It is viewed as a Brahmasthra by many of these young women. Some of them talk of it daily at their homes, to strike fear in to husbands and in-laws. As SC has advised latest - government must revisit the Law from the view point of the in- laws. This is one BAD LAW, BADLY MADE and BADLY IMPLEMENTED. Or, it has become bad over time.

11:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kindly see cases here:

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Blogger HARASSED HUSBAND said...

to all unpleased husband there is a group on Facebook Link :


that is how we will be able to highlight this issue of harassment of husband and their whole family.
there is no case in the world which do whole the family collapsed.
email id :

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Blogger RamachandraRao said...

It is high time that the various organisations opposing 498A should unite under one banner and take a decision to submit a memorandum to the UPA government that they vote for congress in the ensuing general elections,if only the one-sided draconian law (498A) is abolished, and, if not, they vote for a party or group of parties who promise(s) the abolition of the said law.

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