Sunday, October 05, 2008

Press release of The Book-Wrong Gender biased Laws

(NEW DELHI) The Gender Human Rights Society is publishing this extraordinary book, Wrong Gender biased Laws which is a compilation of various press releases, detailed booklet(s) about the proposed Sexual harassment in the Workplace law of 2007, Domestic violence law, Dowry law/ IPC 498a survival guide, mens human rights demands, etc.

This book is expected to provide some much needed weapons , to forces fighting against radical feminists and to those fighting against the unscrupulous wives and their parents who misuse the gender biased laws. It also attempts to explain why the current gender biased laws as well as the new ones proposed by the radical feminists are a recipe for social disaster. Whether they achieve their goal will be hotly contested by the readers. But one thing is sure: Their endeavor is long overdue.


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