Thursday, November 06, 2008

Cops book wife for man’s suicide

6 Nov 2008, 0302 hrs IST, TNN

NAGPUR: Five days after Vitthal Dodke, a resident of the Ayodhya Nagar, committed suicide, Sakkardara police have registered offences against six persons, including his wife, for allegedly abetting the man to end his life. Police have already dispatched units to arrest the accused, but till Wednesday evening, none had been taken into custody.

Behind the scenes, one may say that it was due to the efforts put in by members of the Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF), an organisation consisting mostly of men tortured by their wives, which did the trick. Otherwise, the police had not registered offence against anyone despite the fact that Dodke had mentioned in his suicide note that his wife had driven him to commit suicide.

Offences under section 306 of the IPC have been registered against six accused identified as Dodke’s wife Saroj, her family members Ashok Kshirsagar, Prakash Kshirsagar, their father Natthuji Kshirsagar and his wife, as well as one Ramkrishna Pimpalkar. The offences were registered late on Wednesday evening.

However, despite this, members of the SIFF, led by Rajesh Wakharia, organised a demonstration outside the Sakkardara police station on Wednesday morning, to protest the inordinate delay by the cops to register offence against the accused. The situation was diffused after the policemen informed them that they had already sent squads to bring in the accused.

Dodke had committed suicide by hanging himself at his home. His body had been discovered at on October 31. During primary investigations, police recovered a suicide note in which Dodke had said that his wife was pressurising him to have his parental house transferred in her name, and had been threatening to lodge false complaints at the local police station and have him and his family arrested if he did not comply with her demands.

Incidentally, this is the third case in a year in the city of a woman being booked by the police for allegedly driving her husband to suicide. In a similar incident in Ajni a few months ago, a city corporator and her family had been booked by the police after being accused of abetting her husband to commit suicide.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

need to arrest all wrong doers

5:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need to put an end to the misuse of anti-dowry laws. I fear that I could be a victim soon. I was engaged on Oct 9 but after talking to to the girl for about 20 days I realized that we cannot adjust well after marriage. I decided to be honest and told my family and her family that I do not want to marry her. Instead of getting into a sham marriage, I decided to stop it during the courtship period. But it seems the world doesn't like to hear the truth. I am under tremendous pressure from both familiies to marry her. My family fears that if I do not marry her, we may be framed under the brutal anti-dowry laws. Who knows! it may be right. Going by the pressure that I am getting from the girl's family, they may soon file false cases against us. I am not married, can I still be framed under these laws?

3:45 AM  
Blogger Bharat said...

Yes you can. Please join Yahoo Group Save Indian Family
to be prepared.

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am undergoing the hardships due to a false 498a booked on me and my old-aged parents. She had been staying away from me for two years immediately after the marriage. I had tried all possible ways to unite and since there was no positive response from her, we filed for divorce in family court. Then immediately they filed 498a against me and my parents. Now the trial is going on ....... In fact My old aged parents are giving moral support for me during the period. I am somehow managing to cope up with my career due to the tension.Its a very very difficult time. We believe that'Truth always Wins' and so is the judiciary and we are fighting the case and are very confident that we will win.

Advice to Harassed Husbands: Be calm and have confidence and face the case and try to collate as much indirect evidence as possible with which we can fight the case.

Advice to newly wedded guys: Make it a practice to maintain a diary noting all the daily events. It might prove very useful in future not only to fight such cases but also in lot other ways.

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