Friday, September 02, 2005

Legal Terrorism

Supreme Court calls the abusers of Section 498a, the assassins
Plug loopholes in law on dowry: SC

It says:

In such cases, the acquittal by courts of the accused persons after a long legal proceedings did not “wipe out the ignominy suffered during and prior to the trial by them”, the court said.

Describing such misuse of law as “legal terrorism”, the court said no one could be allowed to unleash frivolous proceedings on this count as the provisions of Section 498A “is intended to be used as shield (a woman against harassment) not as an assassin’s weapon.”

It says:

“In such cases acquittal of the accused does not wipe out the ignominy suffered during and prior to trial. Sometimes adverse media coverage adds to the misery”. Merely because the provision was declared constitutional and intra vires, it did not give licence to unscrupulous persons to wreak personal vendetta or unleash harassment, the judges said.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

J.A. Jance
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Infact, the dead end point of India itself will be the West accordingly in coming years, this NONE CAN STOP, as it is NATURE and GLOBALIZATION.

India got about 80% population in rural area and of them again, 71% are illeterates, so Question of domestic violence and daughter-in-law treatment is absolutely dead. when women of such family gets harassed, they never go to police. Reason being, police abuse them and send them back or compromise them, making her not to report to police again.

Remaining population in urban areas of 30%, 85% are educated. Significant point being when 85% are educated, regardless of male or females they are, they can use section 498a or gender based laws to harass human beings.

Particularly, What all I need now is more and more 498As so that, new terrorism can be unleashed and faster damage in the society. People can awake swiftly to mend the whole other problems in the country. For every 5 good guys there are 4 bad guys in the society. This mean 4 guys are not bad, if governing body keeps powerful boundaries in the name of human laws. people are like sheeps in the sheepyards. As long as the boundary exists, all sheeps remain intact and in discipline of that boundary. If boundary breaks, this is what happenning to the current India.

India, believed on HUMAN TRUST laws(not in paper) since centuries. This doesn't work. Human himself is viable to do bad things, it is their psychology(except 1 or 2 in millions).


Terrorists affect a section of people. But people, who are responsible for whole population, if, have less in-depth sense or knowledge about laws and governance of the society. It leads to legal terrorism or putrification of society. That is what happening in india. No one can imagine except deep social engineers or IIMs where India is leading towards, a complete irrepairably damaged society. If it not stopped now, for minimal damages, it can't be never and ever.

India is in real danger.

Some one pls. spread about the laws and governance of the indian society leading to, everywhere on the net..........

8:53 PM  
Blogger Swarup said...

Delhi Court refuses Bail to Sanjay for marring A - 498A Girl.

Mrs. Aparna Gupta , 58 years , a well known Social activist associated with Women rights and Child Well fare for past 20 years . Her two daughters already married. His only Son Sanjay Gupta , 29 Years old and IT Engineer working in IBM , used to believe that the meaning of wife , she should be the best friend .

Then in his Company he came to Know Reena. She had a arranged marriage but the same got in sour and she is fighting the Divorce with her husband and by the help of 498A, able to get a mutual divorce for a settlement of 15 Lacks.

Sanjay was very much impressed with Reena and slowly they became the best friend of each other. When Mrs. Aparna came to know that her son want to marry Reena , she was very happy that her dream come true , as his son want to give the justice to a girls , as per LAW had been humiliated , insulated by her husband .

They got married on April,2002 . But Reena have some other Plan. She left the Job and shift to Mumbai on Aug’05 , and asked her husband to shift there and look a Job there. Sanjay refused to accept her demand as he say “ Why you want to work in Mumbai , you can very well work in Delhi . Come back and we will both work in Delhi .”

Now Reena use her previous experience, file a 498A, dowry harassment case against him along with two married sister , mother and father . Same lawyer , same Police Station , only thing the Name changed and asked for a Mutual Divorce with a settlement of 15 Lacks .

Sanjay shocked how his best friend can do such thing???

He apply for the bail highlighting that Reena had used 498A before also, so she is harassing his family in the same manner .

Judge asked, Before marrying you Know that Reena had used 498A previously??

Sanjay say “Yes my lord , and we became the best friend for that only , and I had given her all the support , status .”

Judge Says, “I refuse the bail for you as you have troubled to your whole family. How you can say when first time Reena used 498A that was a genuine case and this she filed a 498A against you means this is a fabricated case. This itself proves the Respondent taken the undue advantage of Reena , and used to make mental harassment , which leads to her make Suicide twice (as she mentioned in her petition , with all the witness name ) . Judge ask them sort out the Issue mutually, before granting the bail to Responded and responded family members“

Indian Parents and Pregent Sister are in Jail !!!

Yesterday when Mrs. Aparna called a SIF Volunteer and request to give some judgment, by which her son can get the bail. SIF volunteer and Supreme Court Lawyer Mahesh Tiwari , given the copy of few Judgments for the next hearing .

We hope Sanjay and his family will get the bail in next hearing.

But the Question get Unanswered, Is this is real or False case of 498A??

Will Court will favour Sanjay or Reena ??

As per Mr. Mahesh Tiwari , “ If I am the Judge , definitely send him to jail without any thought , to give a message to the society , that When it happened to others you say the girl is right and when the same girl use the 498A against you , start shouting this is a false case . I don’t have any sympathy to Sanjay and their family. That is the reason Supreme Court say the 498A had been misused so heavily, this leads to a Legal Terrorism”.

Let wait and watch, and we will wonder in his rest of the life of Sanjay will say, “I want to marry to a Girl, who will be my Best Friend!!! “”

498A – Blood Cancer of Indian Society , Inspite of Supreme Court concern our Law Maker don’t learn from the Mistake , they are ready with another Blood cancer in the name of DV Act , the act is so badly drafted , Indian family and Indian women will going towards a very very dangerous future .

Because a lot of Sanjay, a lot of Mrs. Aparna will safe guard them self before marrying a 498A Girl.

We wonder our LAW maker is really understood, Crime is Crime and the punishment should be Crime based instead of Gender Based.

Another step to Kill the Institution of marriage !!!

Yes this can happen only in India, where a whole sale free license available for Legal Terrorism, forget any punishment for that, there is no small warning for that.

Demand of Modern Suparnakhas !!

This happen only India , where age old , sick parents and pregent Sister goes to Jail without any investigation , Inspite of that they never ever stayed with their dishonest daughter – in –law .

498A the whole sale free license is available only in one country of the whole world, the Country name is INDIA.

So, are you married or getting married, Check 498A and DV act?

Money cn't buy Love - Legal terrorism in India.

Then decide want to support his legal terrorism or not!!!!!

Swarup Sarkar

Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.

2:12 AM  
Blogger Satya said...

Supreme court must pass a law that requires the law-makers to plu the loop holes.


3:18 PM  
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