Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Harassed husbands, fight on!

Get free support if suffering from false dowry cases
CLICK HERE to get free advice and support if suffering from false 498A case

Save Indian Family is a strong team of techies, NRIs, intellectuals, and professionals who campaign and create awareness about gross injustices and abuse that happen in Indian legal system.

Visit http://www.saveindianfamily.org/

Large-scale misuse of DOWRY-LAW (IPC 498A) by women.
Misuse of dowry law (IPC 498A)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

daughter-in-law misuse abuse 498a IPC 498A section elder abuse save indian family divorce harassed harassment extortion blackmail jail dowry-law dowry law husband husbands parents sisters brothers law supreme court high court feminism feminazis police lawyer advocate help helpline victim

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so many words, why did you write all phrases here..didn't get it..

oh! i understand to spread and help innocent -about to marry young men..


12:55 PM  

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